Breast cancer is a disease that forms in breast growth, which is made up of fat, glands and ducts.

Breast cancer is a fatal disease the result of a malignant formation of cells within the tissue of the breasts. Cancer cells damaged or mutated cells that grow in an uncontrollable rate – will often remain in the breasts and not spread or it may be malignant and cause damage to the nearby tissue and spread to another organs of the body. breast cancer remains the second leading cause of cancer death in women.

Breast cancer is a disease that forms in breast growth, which is made up of fat, glands and ducts. It primarily affects women but also affects men. Fortunately, all breast lumps aren’t cancer; in fact most lumps are benign meaning they are not life-threatening. These interesting facts help to keep us as healthy as possible. Here are some things to know about the breast cancer.

Secondhand Smoking

Being near smokers can cause just as much of a threat as smoking yourself. Women who encounter smoke within their households and/or workplaces are 3 times at risk than those women who avoid smoke altogether.

Yearly Check- Ups

Early detection can help you save! In most cases, early detection produces a surprising 96 percent rate of survival. Yearly check- ups and a proactive attitude will save your life! The doctor is the friend and should be seen as frequently as recommended and also whenever you feel something is wrong.


Breastfeeding for one to two or more years is helpful. Even breastfeeding for less than annually has a modest benefit. Health advantages of breastfeeding go beyond breast cancer. It’s also shown to prevent Type 2 diabetes and ovarian cancer.

Post-Menopause And Obesity

Postmenopausal and overweight (BMI> 30) boosts the risk of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer by 30 to 70 %. The reason is that in postmenopausal women, estrogen gets kept in fat. Increased insulin levels will also be said to increase the risk of breast cancer. Losing even four to 11 pounds lowers your risk by 20 %.

Drinking Alcohol

It really does appear that ladies who drink alcohol on a regular basis, even moderately, come with an increased risk of breast cancer. That’s especially the case for young women. One study found that women between their first period as well as their first pregnancy who consumed just typically seven alcoholic drinks each week had an 11 percent increased chance of developing breast cancer. So go easy on those drinks.

Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

Breast Self-Exams

It’s good to do them simultaneously every month, but don’t stress out should you don’t have them penciled into your planner. What self-exams do is make you familiar with what’s normal for your breasts. Then when something’s off, you’ll know and can take it to your doctor’s attention. After all, you realize your body better than any doctor does.

Education and Knowledge Helps a Lot

You need to know what the symptoms of breast cancer are. It helps you’re able to know if you are at risk or maybe someone you need to know are at risk. Be sure to induce yourself with proper understanding of the risks factors of breast cancer, just like your family history, your genetic makeup, environmental factors that provide the development of cancer cells, and so forth and so forth.